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Best ways to invest money

What are the best ways to invest money and how can you invest?

So you see that there are many ways of how to invest, but can you find a good deal? And what is most profitable?
Unfortunately, you have to choose yourself. For someone attractive (including the diversification of many companies), might be private loans for you. Just a note! Although you have to gain at least more than 20% return per annum, it is quite impossible to lose. In contrast, investments can go with anything. What is really needed is a much more extensive knowledge than if you could choose to invest in a place whereabouts.
In what to invest on dips?
A notable idea of where to invest without risk is to play in tune with the trends. When you invest in this way, you can play on any financial instrument. The most you can make selecting the subject in which you'll know the news from the industry.
Investing in tune with the trend is to invest in the selected instrument, but sometimes you'll have to play on the rise, and sometimes the fall. Investing in growth as you probably know - is to sell more expensive than how you bought.
How to invest in a downward trend, in order to cash in on the decline? Let's say you bought large company stocks. But rather than buy them, prefer to borrow from the market 100 shares at 150 dollars per share. Immediately sell them for $ 15,000. Then you don't have to wait until the market decline to reach such monies. Redeems them and give them to the lender. The difference between the initial purchase price is treated as income. How to invest in accordance with the trend?

The best way to invest money available for everyone.

If we use it in ways to invest in times of decline and growth we have an opportunity to make money when the market prices are growing.
A key issue is relevant to predicting the beginning of growth, and when the time comes to drop the selected instrument. Even stock analysts have a problem with this but with the help of technical analysis it comes easier. You have to regularly look for signs appearing if it has already changed - the actual trend and you'll learn how to capture them.
I think it is already clear that investing during declines requires knowledge and experience of this or any other so-called forex signals. Everybody has to find best ways to invest money for themselves.